“So you’re a Minute Taker, is it any fun?” To cut a long story short, it actually is.

Now for the longer version, I believe most things will be as fun as you make them and if you abide by the “learn something new every day” philosophy, then Minute Taking does a lot to fill that quota.

Sure, it might look like sitting in a chair for a couple hours at a time until the click-clack of the keyboard blends into the background noise or people stop questioning your penmanship, but there’s a lot to learn from the side lines too, especially from a comfortable office chair.

Imagine being told a different story almost every day, with the challenge of having to recount the tale as well as possible and as soon as possible. Some of those stories you might have heard before, but it is rarely the same plot twist. Some days you might learn about how different communities function and how local governance works to protect its people but also what happens when plans go awry. On other days you learn about the amazing work done by various charities and NGOs or how modern businesses are evolving into areas you have never explored before.

Then the characters in those stories are pretty entertaining too. You could be spending most of your working days listening to experts in their field inadvertently offering free lessons in economics, leadership, housing, social care, climate change or a range of fascinating and perhaps more niche topics. In the rest of the time, it’s just as enriching to listen to people from all walks of life telling their life story and the tangible lessons there. In return, you are making sure that those stories are recorded and shared with everyone who needs to hear them and learn from them.

While it’s a lot of work for your ears and your fingers, it’s hard to get bored as a Minute Taker because no two meetings are the same, your office changes several times a week and you’ve never heard all there is to hear in this world. Plus, there’s always that one word that’s forever a typo and keeps you on your toes.

Minute Taker for SHL Minutes Limited